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What products can I buy from the Slowli concept store?
At the Slowli concept store, you will find furniture and accessories for your home. All our products are of the highest quality and made to last. We also attach great importance to using raw materials from the region, socially conscious production as well as sustainable and recycled materials. Next to our products, you will find their descriptions and their highlights, for example: Traditionally handcrafted or Made in South Tyrol.

What materials are the products from the Slowli concept store made of?
For the most part, we use natural, high-quality raw materials such as wood, wool and clay for our products in order to produce ecologically sustainable pieces of furniture and accessories. However, we also use recycled fabrics for our textiles or autumn leaves for our lamps – some products also consist of a combination of different materials. You can always find an overview of the raw materials used on the corresponding product page in the description and in our stories.

Are the materials environmentally friendly?
We almost exclusively use natural materials for our products. However, due to the nature of the product, we may have to use chemicals. This is the case, for example, with metal or ceramics as natural paints or glazes would not last.

Where do the names of the products come from?
Each of our products has a typical Ladin name – names that are rarely used nowadays. The Ladins are a small linguistic group in the Dolomite valleys. Their language and culture are spread in South Tyrol, mainly in Val Gardena (Grödental) and Val Badia (Gadertal). Since the 6th century, this language has been suppressed and has only survived in a few valleys in the Alps. We want to keep the Ladin tradition alive with the special names of our products.

How does SLOWLI design its products?
We work with our SLOWLI designers as well as with other designers from South Tyrol. We aim to create a unique combination of modern interior elements and traditional craftsmanship for our sustainable home decor products. All our pieces are made in South Tyrol – which is our way of going back to our roots, our culture and the tradition of living with respect for nature. Find out more on our about page.

Where do the raw materials of our products come from?
We use carefully selected local wood, wool and autumn leaves from South Tyrol. Our recycled fabrics come mostly from old cotton clothing and are recycled in South Tyrol. The clay for our ceramic products comes from Italy.

How are our products made?
Most of our furniture and accessories are made to order, especially for you. We start production only when we receive the order confirmation. They are not mass-produced goods or products that are readily available. This means that you will enjoy your new furniture even more. The value of a custom-made piece is incomparable.

Can I see the furniture in a shop before I buy it?
At the moment, we only offer our products in the online shop – but don’t worry, if you need further information, you can write to us at any time. We will give you all the assistance you need.
PS: We can’t rule out the possibility of you being able to view our products in a pop-up store in the future... Stay tuned!


What types of payment are available for placing an order?
You can pay with the following payment methods:
Credit card: VISA, Mastercard, American Express
If you choose the prepayment method, we will send you our account details together with the order confirmation by email and ship your goods when we have received your payment.


How does the SLOWLI concept store ship my order?
Our products are made-to-order just for you, which means it can take a while until they are made and shipped. But that also means you have even more time to look forward to your new favourite piece. Either we ship the products ourselves, or they are delivered directly to you by our producers. We work with the most secure shipping companies to ensure that your order arrives safely.

How are my products packaged?
We pack your order as securely as possible. We reuse intact boxes from returns and use recycled or organic packing where possible.


How can I return my order?
You can find our return policy in our terms and conditions. To make it easier for you, we have provided you with an overview of the steps for returning your order. Please also contact us so that we can give you the correct shipping address.

Who pays for the return shipping?
We would like to encourage all our customers to carefully and consciously consider their SLOWLI product purchase. This is also to reduce the environmental impact caused by unnecessary returns. Therefore, in the case of a return, the direct shipping costs are charged to the customer. Value of the goods – €20.00 = value of the returns.

The product I ordered is broken, what can I do? Can I exchange it, or do you offer a guarantee or make repairs?
Even though we are careful, an order can be damaged during transport. In this case, please send us a message with your order number and details of the product’s damage – we will help resolve the issue without delay.

Did my return arrive?
We recommend that you always choose insured shipping to ensure that nothing goes wrong. You will then receive a tracking number with which you can trace your package. As soon as your return has arrived at our warehouse, you will also receive an email from us.

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